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Boutique Hotels A alleys-scavenger April 22, 2012 337
Uniquely boutique, boutiquely unique
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It's so tiny and quaint!

I love the loft design - it's creative, original, and certainly unlike anything I've ever seen in Singapore. Brings back memories of childhood dreams of staying in the attic or loft, with cosy nooks and crannies. Although this loft certainly isn't that cosy - it boasts a much more modern design. The chairs are sleek and ergonomic, and it is pretty sparsely furnished, without cute throws and rugs everywhere.

I really don't mind the size of the apartment and the amenities, although my friends complained up a storm. I suppose the size just adds to the overall vibe, but I suppose if you're used to luxury, this may not be the place for you.

I have to note that the maintenance of facilities seems haphazardly done, though. While our room was really new and clean (and I suppose that's what matters), the walls along the hallway seemed dirty and covered with shoeprints.
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