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One of the holiday plans I had with my group of friends was having a staycation. A staycation gets us the best of both worlds – the availability of a place to sleep and mess around, and the feeling of going on a holiday we yearn, all of these without the inconveniences of planning an overseas vacation. We decided on Studio M Hotel, a hotel situated along Singapore River, when one of us saw an advertisement featuring an offer that gets us a room for 2 days 1 night at $188. In retrospect, there are better deals and we shouldn’t have jumped on that one. The good thing is, Studio M Hotel is awesome!

I normally wouldn’t write reviews on hotels and my keenness to change that is a testament to how much I enjoyed my stay. The services and amenities do not depart much from other hotels, except for the fact that the amenities are smaller. The pool and gym merely meet their minimal sizes. It is a good thing that they are almost never fully or even half occupied. Actually, the thing that makes the lounge area (inclusive of tables, poolside chairs, the pool and the gym) a comfortable place is how it is perpetually almost empty. There’s never more than 10 people in this vast open area (on weekdays at least) and it makes this place a really nice spot to “lepak”. It is a place that I don’t mind spending the entire day at because I can swim, sunbathe, go to the gym, write, read and have a drink at.

The room is also very cosy and feels like home. It is that kind of hotel room that makes you think you wouldn’t mind staying in a small apartment like this for the rest of your life. I’m not just saying that because I live in a messy house but because that’s how awesome our slightly claustrophobic two-storey apartment was!

The service is also impressive. At the lobby, my friends and I were talking about The Book Café, a café directly opposite our hotel and a service crew overheard our conversation and told us that they were closed for renovation. When we requested for more pillows and blanket, the assistant who attended to our request very nicely told us to feel free to ask if we require any more assistance. After checking out, I found out that I lost a few cards from my wallet and called the hotel and asked them about it. They responded promptly and told me I could come down anytime to retrieve them.

I really recommend this hotel as everything is near flawless. I don’t think the inadequacies of the amenities are deal-breakers, because who even comes to a hotel just to swim or hit the gym in the first place? Honestly, I didn’t expect a small hotel like this to provide such a good experience and I’m pleasantly surprised by Studio M.

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