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5 Star and Luxury Hotels P poppy May 13, 2012 412
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Perhaps my amazing experience with Hard Rock Hotel has ruined all other hotels in Singapore for me, but I had the highest of hopes for my stay with Festive Hotel to be an amazing one - I mean, it is an RWS hotel after all. Sadly, these very hopes fell flat the moment I stepped into Festive Hotel.

While the hotel is indeed full of colours and fanciful decorations, it failed to leave me with a pleasant vibe. Rather, some of the decor seemed a little tacky and distasteful to me, but then again, classier embellishments have always pandered more to my tastes.

I wasn't particularly impressed by their rooms either. The room that had been prepared for my family smelled musky, and the tables seemed to be coated rather heavily with dust. In fact, when I was lazing on the bed, I was a little horrified to see large dust particulates floating about the room.

Service was mediocre at best, as the corridors seemed to be cluttered with several plates of uncleared trays from in-room dining, and it didn't quite leave for a welcoming sight. The service staff also seemed a little slow on the uptake of our phone requests, and we waited for quite a bit before our requested towels were delivered.

That being said, Festive Hotel does seem like a perfect stay for families with young children. My room came with a separate bunk bed, and I sank to the depths of an 8 year old that day, climbing in and out of the bunk bed I could never have. And just maybe, this might be the only redeeming factor of Festive Hotel.

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