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Thrift Stores E equina February 27, 2013 1865
Thrift shopping was new to me
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A few years ago, you weren’t a true teenage girl unless you had gone through a thrift shopping phase. Popularized by beauty YouTuber and personal girl crush Jenn Im, thrifting had become all the rage, and New2U had been one of the most raved about thrift shops in Singapore.

The journey there wasn’t an easy one - my friend and I had required the help of Google Maps, iPhone maps,, and a few random aunties on the street. We found it soon enough, and we could almost feel a dark cloud hanging over our heads as we realised that New2U was just a tiny store. But refusing to be disheartened, we scoured the shop for treasures - to no avail. Eventually, as we trudged to the nearest bus stop with Google Maps’ help, we knew we had to accept the fact that we have made a wasted trip. At least Google Maps doesn’t disappoint.

it’s too difficult for thrift shopping to become a fashionable practice in Singapore with the limited choices available, especially when these limited choices fail to sufficiently provide. I guess I’ll be sticking to my flea markets!

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