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Thrift Stores H honestreviewer May 07, 2012 1386
Daiso’s DIY V-shape Face Roller
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While the Japanese are well-known for their wacky inventions, many still swear by their beauty products. Growing up, I never liked my round face so the idea of a DIY face lift seemed very appealing.The rationale is that the rolling motion of the face roller promotes blood circulation, which helps to lose fat in that area. While I was initially skeptical, I diligently used Daiso’s $2 face roller every day at my chin area and jawline.

After two months, I didn’t see a significant difference in terms of the sharpness of my jawline, but my cheeks appeared to be less chubby. Placebo effect or not, the face roller did help to reduce the stress and tension of my face muscles. In the long run, it can also help to reduce wrinkles by lifting my laugh lines and chin.

The effects of the face roller may not be visible during the early stages, but if there’s a chance to save my face, I’m definitely taking it.
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