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Daiso started out as a street vending shop formerly known as “Yano Shouten” in the 1970s. There is now a broad franchise of 100 yen shops in Japan and internationally. They house an extensive variety of household goods, with 40% of them imported from China.

Singapore’s first Daiso store opened in March 2002 at IMM. It caught the eyes and curiosity of Singaporeans and have been popular ever since. Gone are the value shop days, even though some of them seem to be surviving even now. With everything priced at $2, Daiso is a shopping haven not just for aunties, but the young and old. You can literally find anything you need here, from makeup to household items and even food!

It’s always a fun time when you step into Daiso. I’m always surprised with their products and end up buying a basket full of things I probably don’t need, only because it’s cheap. The best part of Daiso is definitely the food section because I LOVE Japanese snacks. My favorite snack has got to be the Corn Potage snack. It’s light, crispy and so flavorful, you won’t ever stop at one... packet. I usually buy 5 packets at one go because it’s just that good. Another favorite of mine would be the Black Pepper Pretzel. It’s a little hard so I wouldn’t recommend young kids and older people to eat it.

Daiso is definitely one of my go-to stores whenever I’m in need of any household or personal care items.

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