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Thrift Stores H honestreviewer May 07, 2012 1386
There's something for everyone!
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Every time I walk into Daiso and tell myself to only buy the things I need, I always end up getting distracted by all the pretty things and end up buying more than I need to. But it doesn't matter, because everything is so visually appealing, useful and affordable!

Daiso has everything. I'm not even kidding. From daily necessities to gifts and food, there'll always be something for everyone. I love visiting the food section, because there's a wide array of delicious Japanese snacks being sold at prices cheaper than the other imported goods supermarkets.

I love Daiso's gift boxes too. They come in so many colours and patterns, and are perfect to use for storing gifts to give to others. The boxes can be reused as pretty storage boxes after that, so it's definitely value for money. There only section I wouldn't touch would probably be the skincare/cosmetics section, since the quality of $2 cosmetics isn't very reassuring. But other than that, everything's good!

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