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Toys & Games J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 1146
unleash the kid in you
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if you have a boyfriend, good. This is where you can unleash your girly side (if you are a girl) and if you are a guy, you can relive your childhood fighting monsters.
Toys'r'us sells all kinds of toys- from cheap toys which you'd only play for awhile and then leave it somewhere to collect dust to expensive toy story kind of toys. They even have baby walkers and princess dress up costumes!

I dont like that their soft toys are placed in shelves so people when don't replace them properly they end up on floors which isn't very hygienic.

If you go to toys'r'us, play with the noodle sticks! Chase your friends around the store with it, wear a mask (you can grab a wolverine mask that was what my friend did) and play until you get chased out. That's where you turn away, take out the mask and make a dash for the exit.

I don't know why I'm gonna say the next sentence but:
They don't sell a whole pack of regular sized balloons. I don't know why. Maybe it was just the branch I went to.

This is just a happy place. You don't even have to buy anything. Just be careful of knocking kids over.

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