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Toys & Games J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 1145
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Back in those days when I was a kid, I always pestered my parents to bring me to Toys R Us during the weekends, to have a look but in the end always having my parents to get me anyone one of the toys that I wanted badly in the store.

I remember the shelves were very organize and neat, even though there will be kids playing around and knocking toys and other stuff from shelves to the ground, or just leaving toys on the floor. I always look out for my Digimon toys, and Digivice ( A small gadget or digital toy which is pretty much similar to Tamagotchi for those that play it ) . They also features new toys from action movies like Spider-man, Hulk, Spawn etc. It is every child's dreamland.

However it will be a problem getting help from the retail assistant as they only point the direction to you and you will have to go and look for it yourself, which takes up a lot time when my parents were going off to look for other things and told me to just grab any toys that i wanted or go. However The price is consider high for kid's toy which can be a burden for parents that are wanting to get something that their children really wanted.

Besides all the negative things about the price and retail assistant, there isn't anything more that you can ever want in such a huge toy store!
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