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Toys & Games J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 1145
Huge range of toys!
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Being a collector of action figures and still a kid at heart, I love visiting Toys R Us outlets whenever I am window shopping. Toys R Us, in my opinion, has to be the largest Toy shop in Singapore, bringing in a huge range of toys.

I am starting to collect Lego sets, so I try my best to find the store which brings in the latest sets, at the fastest rate. Other than Lego Flagship stores, Toys R Us always brings in their toys much quicker than the departmental stores. I love how they section their store into different categories, which makes it so much easier if you are finding something for a specific audience. The toys are split into categories such as boys and girls toys and also other more generic ones like board games and stuffed toys as well.

Aside from the wide variety, I think the problem with the place is that children flood to the store to play with those toys without any packaging, and end up messing up the store. I believe that the staff have too many duties, which leads to the mess being left alone. This gets pretty annoying when you are walking and there are toys all over the place.

But other than that, I think that Toys R Us is a good place to find gifts for people.
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