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Toys & Games J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 1146
Kids' favourite playground!
(Updated: March 03, 2014)
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Overall Rating 
Toys "R" Us is indeed a heaven on earth for kids of all ages. As long as the child in you have not died/matured yet, you are bound to love this place! Even if you are a young adult like me, taking a walk round the gigantic 'playground' will certainly bring back childhood memories. I guess that is why it is such a popular shop in Singapore.

However, nowadays, there are not a lot of Toys "R" Us outlets around though. There is one very big outlet at Paragon that I know of. When I was young though, my mum often brought me to the Northpoint's outlet to play for a few hours. It was so huge in capacity and filled to the brim with lots of different kinds of toys! Now, which kid wouldn't love it? The best part of it was that most of the toys are not packaged in a box, hence you can play them for free. I loved the barbie dolls, toy cars, toy guns... You name it, they have it! In fact, some toys in Toys "R" Us are displayed without the packaging, allowing children to play and sample with them before buying. Even up till now, from time to time, I go to Paragon's Toys "R" Us to walk around and see what are the newest toys and more often than not, I am fascinated with the range and variety of toys available! Especially now that technology is more advanced, the quality of toys are much better and the kids now are so much luckier as they have more choices!

I hope that parents and their children will continue to patronize Toys "R" Us, and that this shop will not ever shut down or close their business. If I have children in the future, I will certainly purchase toys from there and of course, bring my kids to this toys kingdom to have their share of fun and awe!
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