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Toys & Games J juzsimplicity May 29, 2012 1145
Suitable for all ages.
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Overall Rating 
Toys "R" Us is definitely a place that all kids would look forward to visit. In here, you would be able to find all sorts of toys and kids' accessories. They are usually differentiated into sections for easier search, such as: car toys, dolls, building blocks and lego.

I love visiting this shop because Toys "R" Us has got some exclusive items that are not sold anywhere else. For example: Lego series that is carried exclusively by Toys "R" Us , and usually they are displayed in a glass shelves. To purchase, you can just pick the items' cards that are placed outside the shelves.

For the frequent shoppers, you can consider getting the star membership card to earn points for every purchase you make. Then the points can be used to redeem Toys "R" Us vouchers. To qualify, you should purchase up to $50 and you can get the free membership card.

I would absolutely recommend this shop to everyone, especially parents with children and toys' collectors.
Always be informed of the storewide sale and promotions as you could get the items at better prices.

As there are many kids visiting the shop, don't be surprised if you find some shelves untidy and messy.

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