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Toys 'R' Us is the toy heaven for kids. Since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed going to Toys 'R' Us. The place is a humongous playground, filled with all kinds of toys - ranging from the boyish ones like Lego and water guns to girly ones like barbies and dollhouses. I could easily spend a whole afternoon there while my mum went shopping elsewhere!

Every single franchise of Toys 'R' Us I've been to have been huge, and unlike many other toy shops, they actually put out displays for you to try out the toys before purchasing it. Even if you are not thinking of purchasing anything, you could still play around with the assortment of toys without being penalized by the staff! When I was younger, there were ample outlets of Toys 'R' Us, and I remember always visiting the one in Northpoint. My mum always had a hard time pulling me out of the place because I was always very fascinated with the variety of toys there. It was my favourite place to be outside of home! It's quite a pity that Toys 'R' Us have scaled back on their franchises. Now, there seem to be only a few outlets in town and I hardly see them in heartland malls anymore. The few standing ones are still huge though, and till today, I can still kill a few hours just walking around exploring the playground.

Every time I need to get a gift for a child or a newborn baby, I'd definitely head to the nearest Toys 'R' Us. The large selection of toys is sure to satisfy even the brattiest kid in the world. I'll always be able to find the perfect toy for my nieces and nephews birthdays at Toys 'R' Us! It was a huge part of my childhood, and I hope it will continue to be the happy playground for kids for years to come!

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