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I once went to Build-A-Bear with a friend as he wanted to buy a present for his girlfriend. The least I can say is I'm glad that I wasn't the one who was purchasing the bear.

While selecting the outer "skin" of the bear and stuffing the bear was cute and personal, the staff made it a point to treat every customer like a child - asking my 16-year-old male friend to "bathe" the bear under a jet of air and comb its fur. When he declined, the staff member did in on his behalf just for show. After that, he had to take the "oath" for the bear to ensure he would remain friends with whoever the bear was for, or something along those lines - my friend requested to just skip the whole ceremony and just let him purchase the bear as he was in a hurry. However, the staff member refused, stating that it was only after he completed the "ceremony" that he could purchase the bear. Needless to say, he was frustrated.

After going through the whole ceremony, the small bear my friend purchased came down to a grand total of more than $50. No extra accessories were added and it already cost that much. I was, honestly, a little shocked; yet, at the same time, I was somehow unsurprised.

I think build-a-bear workshop is a good place for loaded parents to bring their children to make expensive bears but besides that, I wouldn't suggest going there to buy a personalised gift for that special someone - you're better off getting a bear somewhere else and attaching a personal handwritten note to it.

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