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Sports Shops L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 103
Friendly customer service, not so friendly returns
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My boyfriend hates to shop. He hates spending money, the process of wandering around without success, literally every single part of shopping. So when he actually asked to go into the Rudy Project store in Bukit Timah, I was shocked to say the least. It’s a shop that sells cycling sunglasses and helmets, but even more surprisingly it was the casual sunglasses that caught his eye. I stood in awe as he WILLINGLY tried on sunglasses, and even I started looking at their female sunglasses on sale. They were a lot more fashionable than I expected from a sports brand, and the quality was really high for the price they were selling for.

The customer service was fantastic, when the pair he wanted were out of stock, they let him know as soon as the next order was in, and they were so helpful when trying on different pairs, giving personal recommendations and pros of cons of each. They also have mastered the art of learning not to follow customers around the shop or hang behind them like a shadow, as normally this makes me run out of a shop I find it that frustrating.

The glasses are high quality and have been used again and again, and I know that when my trusty $20 sunglasses finally give up there are a solid pair waiting for me at Rudy Project. Unfortunately they have a really strict return policy, so for those as indecisive as myself just know that if you have a sudden change of heart, which I doubt you will, you can only exchange not return.
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