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Be systematic about it - This is the number one rule when shopping in Bugis street, especially for the uninitiated. If you see something you like, and decide to come back later, because you want to see if you can get it for a cheaper price at another store, or because you want to think on it, chances are you won't be able to find it unless you remembered your landmarks or you have a good sense of direction. If it's your first time there, Bugis Street is extremely confusing.

There is a shop I frequent on the second floor because it is extremely cheap and they always have a really wide variety of clothes, but it is like the Room of Requirement from Hogwarts, sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon it, other times I just cannot seem to find it.

Nevertheless, Bugis Street is a good place to find clothes that are currently in trend, whether it's blogshop clothes or clothes that the latest K-Pop idol is wearing, or even just pretty shoes and accessories. While I like shopping on Orchard Road because it's more organised and less crowded, Bugis Street is a good choice when you want to buy basics or items that you've seen online, or when you are on a budget. Definitely a must go when you come to Singapore, if not only to experience the crowd. If you get hungry, there are snacks at the entrance and on the second floor as well. The crepe shop on the second floor is especially good for a sugar rush after the hunting for good bargains.

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