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An affordable shoppers' paradise
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Bugis street is a stone throw's away from the MRT station, hence making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for bargains.

This is the place to be for the young and trendy - One look at the overexcited young and fashionable shoppers and you will be able to tell straight away. Indeed, the items sold in the arrays of shops here follow the latest fashion trends and styles. Korean-inspired clothes, bags and accessories seem to be all the rage now, judging by the amount of related shops found on Bugis street.

I noticed that many of the shops seem to be selling similar, if not identical, items. This is where your kiasu spirit and hard work kicks in. Do your homework by walking around to check out and compare prices at various shops to get the best deal. Bargain. Hard. Most of the shops are open to bargaining, and give you cheaper prices if you buy more from them.

Alas, the only problem is the quality of the items sold here. I once bought a bag, only for the bag strap to break only after carrying it for a couple of times. Clothes, especially printed ones, tend to peel or wear off easily. Not surprising, judging by the cheap prices they are being sold at.

Shopping at Bugis Street is fun and interesting, There will always be something for everyone. You just have to know how to walk around and find a good deal. At the end of the day, the multiple shopping bags in your hands and the exhilarating feeling after shopping will definitely be worth all the walking and squeezing with the crowds.

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