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Others L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 562
When the door of one bad bike shop closes, a much better one opens!
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As someone pretty new to the world of cycling, when I needed to change a part on my bike and I was also facing a mysterious clicking noise coming from somewhere within my bike, I knew I could not try and sort it all on my own. On my first attempt, I visited a bike shop that shall not be named, which supposedly fitted my new gear and also fixed the clicking. However, when riding the bike the next day and realising that they hadn’t tuned my gears so they were jumping all over the place, I paid the Specialized shop at Tay Junction. 10 minutes later, the problem was fixed and I found my new go-to shop for any and all bike issues in the future.

I got there just before closing as my work finished late, but they were more than happy to take my bike in and tune the gears there and then. Quick and efficient, the man sorting out my bike was also friendly and helped to explain what was happening and why, which was music to my ears as the mechanics behind bikes is like Russian to me.

A sloppy job from the bike shop whom must not be named led to me finding this much better bike store, I’m yet to explore the clothing side of their shop but when my next biking issue comes up, which will most likely be soon, I’m sure I’ll explore whilst they do another good job on my bike.
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