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Fine fashion jewellery
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Lovisa reminds me of Diva, except with a slightly more glamorous edge, and without the pushy sales assistants. I have a terrible, incurable obsession with accessories and jewellery, and I think Lovisa is bordering dangerously on the list of my newest favourite stores.

At Lovisa, you can expect to find rows of colour-themed jewellery, with necklaces and bracelets selling for an average price of $20, and rings around the $15 range. With such a price range, Lovisa is definitely a tad pricey for students like myself, but it manages to keep me going back with its frequent sales and promotions. And I say, this is definitely doing no wonders to my growing jewellery obsession and my shrinking wallet size.

I absolutely adore Lovisa for their wide array of crystal necklaces and rings! I've been watching AHS Coven a little too much lately, and I was particularly taken with the elegance of Lovisa's crystal jewellery selection. Definitely a must-have to jazz up any staple black outfit!

Overall, Lovisa's definitely an amazing new costume jewellery store to watch out for. While the prices may be a little steep, fret not - for the upcoming Christmas sale season will be your saving grace.

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