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Others H haziyah-ali April 04, 2013 943
The cereal brand for the sweet tooth and for the healthy nut
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Kellogg’s cereal has been my family favourite for years. They carry a variety of cereal with different flavours, and there’s something to satisfy each family member.

Personally, I love their frosted flakes cereal. It’s sugary and sweet - just the right food I need every morning to feel energized and awake. The cereal tastes best with milk, and it has the right amount of crunch to it. Kellogg’s fruit loops are amazing too, and the vibrant colours make it perfect for an Instagram shot. I can’t taste much of the fruity flavours, but I like it all the same.

I like the plain cornflakes least. They are pretty tasteless, bland and boring to me. But I guess they are healthy and the crunchiness is quite addictive. My mom loves them, and maybe other health conscious people out there will prefer the plain cornflakes over the rest.
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