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Others H haziyah-ali April 04, 2013 894
My favourite breakfast
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Of all the Kellogg's cereals, my favourite is the plain cornflakes, followed by Frosties.

Being one who wakes up very early for school or for training in the morning on weekdays, I usually don't have time for fancy breakfasts - but I have to eat in the morning or I'll get very hungry before noon. So my staple breakfast was evolved - a bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes with milk.

While there are other brands of cornflakes, I find Kellogg's the tastiest. I'm not sure why, but it just tastes very distinct as compared to other brands!

Many say the cornflakes are bland but I think it tastes simple and good - not too many complex flavours or not too sweet. Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, Froot Loops might be the better option. I think Kellogg's produces the best cereal which has become a breakfast staple for many Singaporeans.

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