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Others H haziyah-ali April 04, 2013 943
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Kellogg's is a famous cereal manufacturer that has its roots in the US. According to my parents, Kellogg's was once a very popular cereal brand in Singapore. Now however, I think Nestle cereals are more popular. Interestingly, I also heard that many of Nestle cereals were once owned by Kellogg and Nestle simply bought those products over. Good to see that they have not totally disappeared from the shelves of Singapore supermarkets because I think their stuff are tasty and affordable.

I usually have their plain cornflakes which is just like any other simple breakfast cereal. However, I like that it comes in a huge packet which then I can slowly take my time to finish. I add it to my oatmeal for a different texture and taste, or I can also just have them alone with cold milk to have that desired cornflake crunch. Just because Kellogg's is a famous brand does not mean that they have a hefty price tag that accompanies it. I see many ValuDollar shops stocking Kellogg's cereals nowadays, so the cheap prices is definitely another good reason to get a box from them.

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