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I'd always associate Kellogg's with cornflakes and Frosties (which were cornflakes coated with sugar frosting). I hated cornflakes for being bland as a kid but tolerated Frosties. A couple of nights ago I watched the documentary How Sex Changed the World and learnt that cornflakes were first invented to reduce boys' sexual appetites. Not too sure if it is really all that through, but looking at the kind of "appetite" that I have now and the fact that I didn't eat much of cornflakes, there must be an iota of truth in it.

Of all the cereals that they have, my personal favourite is Froot Loops. I honestly have no idea what makes me love them so much. They are just boring, coloured loops with fuity flavours but they, to me, taste comforting. Maybe, it's the polar opposite of cornflakes. They are designed to build up an "appetite".

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