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Others H haziyah-ali April 04, 2013 943
Kellogg's Cornflakes!
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Overall Rating 
Yum yum Kellogg's. The one cereal that I associate with Kellogg is their cornflakes. The plain ol' Kellogg cornflakes that everyone has had at some point of their life. Cornflakes from Kellogg is like the Milo in the chocolate beverage world. I really like Kellogg's cornflakes for the nostalgic taste and how fragrant and thin they are. I am not a person who likes thick cornflakes. These cornflakes are light and soak up milk easily!! Cornflakes and milk is one of my favorite combination for breakfast. If you are not a cornflake person, this brand has other options like Froot Loops. I haven't tried Froot Loops though, because I think of it as a Trix knockoff. I've had Trix and I love the happy colors!!

The best thing about Kellogg is that you can find them at most major stores and supermarkets and they are really affordable! Easy and convenient to eat as well. I have never had any unpleasant "Surprises" in my cornflake box so it's very hygienic as well. Go grab a box of Kellogg's at your nearest supermarket now!
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