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Shopping Malls V vacantaffair September 23, 2012 926
Simply for meals
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Located next to Pasir Ris station, it is a mall I alway pass by whenever I go to school. It is a good meeting point for me and my friends as the common landmarks such as Macdonalds or just the hall is a good place for me to wait for my friends.

To me, the shops are mainly eateries, a NLB library, popular bookstore and a NTUC supermarket. The only times I am there is when I meet my friends for a meal or simply to borrow a book from the library. There are hardly any shops that are worth going shopping for unless you know a particular item you need urgently is there. I wouldn't recommend my friends to shop there.

Well, one good point is that, the crowd is not as large as in Tampines Mall or Tampines 1 which are just nearby. So trying to get a relatively quieter place for a catch-up session with friends at the eateries will be good.

One point to note. Since it is near many schools, students can be spotted studying in many of the eateries. It can be a little annoyning when they start to chatter louder. So do choose an eatery without many students if you wish to dine in a relatively quiet place.
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