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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 356
Ghost Town?
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Wheelock Place has a nice profile picture and from here it looks really like a Christmas Tree set up.

But for so many years, I only remembered 2 things about Wheelock Place. No 1, Borders at Level 1, No 2, Marks and Spencer at the lower basements. Well, maybe one more shop somewhere within that does man waxing as my friend once told me. But other than that, until now, I do not really recall what other stores there are in this mall.

Although it is in a fantastic location, it is overshadowed by the other big malls around it, places like Ion, Tangs, Wisma, Isetan. Even for myself, i would only walked from Wisma (Ion was not up yet), to Tangs to Isetan since all 3 are connected. The only time I would walked to Wheelock is to buy their strawberry/raspberry biscuits for my mother from MnS.

Now that Borders is gone, it is quite a dead place, but I realise that there is already a linkage from Ion to Wheelock and MnS has taken over and refurbishing the whole place, so hopefully some life will be brought to this place and we would have another bustling place at the start of Orchard region.

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