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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 356
Nothing, nothing absolutely nothing.
(Updated: December 03, 2013)
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Wheelock is like another Heeren. I don't know which is worse. Perhaps heeren because all the brands are secondary-school-girls-craze kind of stuff while Wheelock has a more classy feel but there's nothing there. They are undergoing revamp so I hope better shops will appear and they do have restaurants like sun with moon which I have yet to try but these are all there are to Wheelock. maybe Epicentre might help.. If it's still there.

And the newly opened mark and specer which is huge. I mean it is h.u.g.e. They even have a bakery in the food section! their only saving grace.

Not recommending for now.. maybe we'll see what it turns out like after reno.
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