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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 356
pales in comparison to other malls in town
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Wheelock place used to be my hang out place when Kinokuniya was still home to that mall. After the closing down of Kinokuniya, I have stopped frequenting Wheelock place. It really pales in comparison to Shaw House and ION and the other malls surrounding it. Right now, the biggest store in Wheelock would have to be Marks & Spencers. I like the food there but I will not travel exclusively down to Wheelock just to buy stuff from M&S. I can get it from other places nearer to my house. Shops are selling things at a very marked-up price. I know i's town and there is a price to pay for everything in Orchard, but the things at Wheelock are not that nice. Maybe they are indie brands with good quality? I don't know.

If you are hungry, Sun & Moon at Wheelock is a good place to dine at. Expensive, good-quality Japanese food. Worthy of the price! Right now, the mall is undergoing renovations so it might not be the best place to shop at. You would be better off going to ION or TANGS. Wheelock has nothing much to offer at all. The whole duration I stayed in the mall last week was less than 5 minutes. Just used the underpass to get to ION. That's all.

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