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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 356
A nice shopping mall but lack of attractions.
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After the construction of ION Orchard, the customers can enjoy a great convenience visiting the Wheelock Place which is located just next to ION. in the past, Wheelock Place did not enjoy any popularity due to lack of visitors coming everyday. Besides that, the shops were not too fascinating and most of the shoppers would visit this mall mostly for dining purposes. 

However, now, things do change a little. Wheelock place received quite a number of visitors and shoppers daily thanks to the major renovation which makes it more accessible to the visitors. However, I notice that the shops do not change much. Inside the mall, the well visited stores would include Epicenter, Marks&Spencer and Border bookstore but since the bookstore has closed down, it means that one less store to attract the customers. 

Nevertheless, this mall is still worth visiting. There are a few beauty and wellness center which is a great attraction for the female shoppers. 

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