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(Updated: December 03, 2013)
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When I first entered this mall, I immediately told myself that it was just a hybrid of JEM and Star Vista. Some parts of it is open-air, devoid of air conditioning, which resembles Star Vista, while the fact that it offers trendy stores such as Coach, which is a boutique, and definitely the huge overload of clothing stores, including Isetan. There are also quite a few sports outlets, including World of Sports and fitness first, and also electronic stores. What is lacking in the other three malls is available here.

It also has gift shops, which is apparently what malls in Jurong East lack, including the store called Typo. The mall also houses a very large playground on the roof, similar to Jem. The mall is very family friendly, and I like the fact that it also has so many trendy shops to cater to the teenage population. And oh my God it has a Borders! I am so happy! It is certainly the best mall to shop in the Jurong East area.

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Borders! :)
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