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Shopping Malls X xinty July 04, 2012 554
crowded, but definitely worth the hype
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I usually have a rather pleasant experience with vivo city due to its diversity as a mall. It has anything that anyone could possibly need. I personally enjoy the fact that larger clothing stores such as H&M, forever 21, pull & bear, topshop and zara can conveniently be found in a singular mall. In contrast to orchard road where all these shops are littered along a larger stretch of road, this makes shopping a whole lot easier and gives my feet the relief of not having to walk 4 miles.

The lack food is not much of a concern when it comes to vivo city, they have a wide range of foods that everyone can enjoy. I personally enjoy eating at the nyonya baba cuisine on days that my wallet’s a little filled. Its a decadent peranakan restaurant that serves delicious savory food. My favourite is probably the bak kut teh. it is, basically, pork ribs simmered in a mouth watering blend of herb and spice-filled broth. The pork is well cooked giving it a slightly chewy texture that soaks in the flavor from the broth, creating an incredible ensemble in your mouth.

Despite all its positive features, vivocity tends to get a little crowded on weekends, sometimes making it hard to even get through to the other side. Naturally, the queues for most places string into a maddening length. However, if you’re able to overlook the crowd, vivocity does make a great mall.

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