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Vivi vivo!
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I could never really understand why a huge mall would work here at Harbourfront. It is not in the centre of any major residential area. Sure, it is the terminus of two MRT lines, but, for reasons that escape me, it is always packed. Maybe it all the tourists looking for somewhere cool after baking on Sentosa, but that doesn't hod true. There is more air con on Sentosa than there is forest cover.

I am not a mall man, but Vivocity is one of my favourites.

As I have said elsewhere, the first thing abut shopping centres that should be considered is: how easy are they to navigate. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being easiest), I'd give Vivocity an 8. It's not perfect, but then, when a place is as big as this, there are bound to be problems finding your way round. I have had difficulty, for example, trying to find my way out and on to the walkway to Sentosa.

Its size makes even getting to the MRT a challenge. It is 300 metres long, which means that a shopping jaunt on each floor will serve as far better exercise than an hour on a treadmill. But there is something about the place that makes it a fun mall. Maybe it is the view from the restaurants on the roof, overlooking Sentosa. OK, the view is spoiled by the uninspiring integrated resort, but once the sun sets and the lights light up, it touches on the magical.

Vivocity is definitely one of Singapore's largest malls, if not the largest. And that does not include the terminal building next door which is staid and proper and hardly exciting. Vivocity somehow feels exciting. It is not the weird pancakes plastered over the exterior: it is something to do with the internal pedestrian/shopper flow and overall design.

Maybe it is the roof? The roof that gets to me, particularly in the evening with its water features, playground and splashing areas for kids, ampitheatre, great eating places, including one of Singapore's best food courts (in my view) and gardens.

Destination shops? Hey, that is asking too much. Malls in Singapore exist to contain shops. Malls in Singapore are filled with the same shops. is there any destination shop anywhere that sets the place apart from the thousands of other ins Singapore?

Not really, but then that is what you can say of that criteria for all malls (except Katong Shopping Centre, Beautyworld and a few other more ancient, dilapidated and depressing places where the main business is selling maids!).

So a SIngaporean mall stands out for reasons of entertainment, design and general ease of shopping. In that sense, this is one of the best. In itself it is a destination, and when the sun beats down and fries us all, here is a place you can go and enjoy yourself in the cool. Maybe even buy something... apart from laksa.

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