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Pleasant shopping with the crowd
(Updated: July 23, 2012)
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As I used to live near Thomson Plaza, my family and I used to frequent it. This is not a mall that offers a lot and we usually visit it for grocery shopping and for meals. The variety of products and services offered is not wide and I would label it as a more traditional shopping mall compared to the bigger and newer ones.

Thomson Plaza has a very different target audience and the store offerings differ slightly. They have more niche and sometimes traditional stores like fabric and textile shops, a secondhand book shop and furniture stores. They also have music shops and various tuition classes.

Food wise, there is a Kopitiam at the basement level but I would not recommend eating there as most of the stalls serve very average tasting dishes. They do have other eateries and restaurants like Han's, Sushi Tei, Subway, etc so you can definitely find something to your liking. There is the popular Chinese restaurant Peach Garden at the first floor and the food offered there is really good. This restaurant is usually crowded during important occasions like Chinese New Year and Mother's Day.

When it comes to shopping, there is an NTUC Finest on the second floor that sells more imported goods than the usual NTUC Fairprices. The quality of some products are also better at Finest. However, other than eating and grocery shopping, there isn't much else to do at Thomson Plaza. It offers the basic needs like food and essential shopping items but not everyone would be able to find something that suits him/herself. For example if you are shopping for clothes, you will find that most of the apparel (even shoes) offered are geared towards women of an older age.

One thing I like about it though, is how uncluttered it is. You almost never find the mall teeming with people and shopping without a crowd is so much more pleasant.

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