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Shopping Malls E emily December 11, 2012 523
only for those in the surrounding area, other than that, not noteworthy
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Star Vista resembles the shape of Noah's Ark, a biblical reference to the flood scene in Christianity. This is also linked to New Creation Church that uses the Rock Auditorium, as it is named, there. Religion aside, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes available, as well as a famous grass jelly dessert franchise, BlackBall from Taiwan.

Getting to Star Vista is convenient, with a sheltered walkway leading from Buona Vista station. Upon entrance, the mall's size took me aback, and hygiene standards are high.

However, after entering, I felt there was nothing much to offer. I wouldn't travel to eat here, unless for lunch during work hours or school hours. Perhaps this is what the mall mainly caters to, with crowds usually from nearby junior colleges and universities, as well as mainly the working crowd.

I ate at a japanese restaurant, itacho sushi if I recall, and food was so-so. I prefer outlets such as Ichiban Boshi instead. Staff were also not helpful... was dissatisfied with service ):

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