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Shopping Malls E emily December 11, 2012 523
Could have been better
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I have been to Star Vista a few times since they opened to the public, and I have to admit that I didn’t even realise the place was not air-conditioned till I read other reviews. Having said that, it could be because there were other things that were bugging me which made the no air-con surroundings unnoticeable.

One of the biggest problems I have with Star Vista is how bad the construction of the place is. I was supposed to dine at Morganfield’s one day, and when I went to the second floor I saw that it was just across me. One problem though, there was no way to get straight across. We either had to walk one big round, or use the escalators to go down the first floor and use another escalator which lead us directly to Morganfield’s.

I do like how spacious and sleek the place is, but I do not like how inconvenient it is to get about there. Do note that there are mainly only eateries in Star Vista, so I would recommend it as a place to grab a bite but not to shop.
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