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Shopping Malls E emily December 11, 2012 527
No aircon but it's okay
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The concept of Star Vista is pretty novel here in Singapore because it isn't fully air conditioned. Also, it isn't fully sheltered. There is a lot of space in the middle of Star Vista and not as many stores as I would have thought it to have so I would think Star Vista is more of a resting place than a shopping place. The range of food items being sold there is good though. From fast food like Texas Chicken to higher end courses like Watami, the food that can be found there is pretty varied.

Even though as a mall there is no air-conditioning, there is still air-conditioning inside the shops itself. It would be too stuffy otherwise because the stores are all enclosed spaces. I think more fans can be installed in the mall if anything. The concept of such an eco-mall can and should be further explored in Singapore since it also opens more room for new environmentally friendly ideas.
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