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Shopping Malls M malcolm-baey August 26, 2012 772
Refreshing and inviting
(Updated: August 26, 2012)
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For someone who is new to the Clementi area and would want to explore the Clementi mall, I had quite a good impression of the overall structure.

The layout was somewhat confusing at first as it is not that similar to typical malls. There were various shops patrons could visit, be it for clothes, accessories and household needs that were available and lined up at almost every corner. The escalators are situated deeper in the mall, which I felt could have been better placed.

One thing I was really pleased with was the condition of the toilets. Despite the steady inflow and outflow of users, the maintenance of cleanliness was reasonable to a point that you wouldn’t think twice about relieving yourself. This applies for both male and female toilets.

Food wise, it is hard to locate a halal outlet at the main food court at basement level, but you could enjoy the buffets available at Seoul garden at the top level. There is also a library conveniently placed beside it so you could relax and read up after that hearty meal.

Finally, the fact that is easily accessible from the Clementi Mrt station, via a direct overhead bridge to the entrance really makes one more inclined to visit it, rather than the old mall which takes quite a distance to walk.
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