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Shopping Malls J jane June 19, 2012 1121
Weird mix of shops...
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Tampines 1 confuses me with their range of shops. I think the creators of this mall was trying to go for the high-class concept but the mix of shops is quite off-putting and makes the whole experience weird. There's an array of shops that you can't step in if you have a certain budget yet there are other shops where the most penny-pinching people shop at, and sadly, where the most poor quality things are sold. I understand if the idea was to create a place where both those who are really tight on cash and those who are "richer" can shop at and I've seen the idea executed pretty awesomely at malls like Bedok Mall, but Tampines 1 just messes it up. Maybe its the really wide array of stores that jump about really abruptly from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Also, the placement of the shops is weird. Some shops that just don't go together are clustered in the same place and just makes me go "what?". Though, I like that they have UrbanWrite, Muji and Coffee Bean. I personally think Tampines 1 should stick to the concept it was going for (the whole "classy" thing) and not stick in shops that deviate too much from that.
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