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Shopping Malls D david-tan January 30, 2013 712
Sports, spice, and everything nice
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Ah, the sports haven for all athletes. Queensway is the complete provider of all athletes’ needs, be it shoes, apparel, bags, or equipment.

I always make it a point to come here on an empty stomach, just so I could kick off my shopping trip with a delicious bowl of Katong Laksa. With two equally yummy Katong Laksa stalls, you will be spoiled for choice. After having your fill, you can easily make your way through the stalls on the same level. The layout of the mall is reminiscent to that of Bugis Street, so it may get a little confusing and cramped.

The prices of everything in the mall are approximately the same, with the issue only being whether or not the store has your size. Otherwise, shopping here is always a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to haggle a little!

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