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Shopping Malls L lizzzie July 16, 2012 336
Food Paradise for me Since Child to Now !!
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People's Park Complex Food Center, not only a place for meal-goers, but also for patrons to shop for mainly textiles and cultural products.

The Yong Tau Foo stall has always the longest queue among all stalls. It does not sell noodles and only the ingredients in the soup. However, personally, I still prefer the Pig Organ Soup. Since I was a kid, I always like the taste of its soup. It really brings out the originality of the soup even up till now ! I am certain, the stall in this food center is the one and only taste you can try in Singapore.

My 2nd in priority, is the Tao Ji Roasted Dark and Pork Rice. Unlike other common stalls in Singapore, it really brings out the juice of the dark when you chew on it. With the combination of chill sauce, it is really perfect. A must try for tourists ! However, its service can be abit rude as its boss and employees are mainly elderly. But no worries, they do not mean that way. So do not feel offended if they give ya the stern look.

The environment there can be hot and crowded during lunch times, so I would recommend meal-goers to take-away instead. The taste of the food will not be affectted. Overall, a 4 stars !!!

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