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Shopping Malls L lizzzie July 16, 2012 336
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Overall Rating 
This food centre is big and has plenty of seating area but I find that it ranks low on the cleanliness scale. Their tables are usually dirty although free of used utensils, which slightly ruins my food experience there each time. Nevertheless, the wide variety of food stalls compensate for this little negative point.

I usually go for their prawn noodles and a cup of sugarcane juice. There are many stalls that sell sugarcane, so prices are kept low. The famous Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo Mee also calls People's Park food centre home and there is always a queue. However, their portions are small and personally, I find it overpriced.

After your meal, OG is just a short walk away if you feel like doing some shopping. Otherwise, head to this cute shop called Bunnies that sells little square-shaped buns in 6 pieces. Choose from many different flavours. The buns are soft and flavourful and extremely addictive. Many people buy these buns, but the ovens are always running so it is rare that they will run out. Perfect as a quick bite.
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