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Shopping Malls L lizzzie July 16, 2012 336
Welcome to China!
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This hawker centre has much of a reminiscence to me as a child. It was a place we would visit weekly in the past and be soaked in the warm smiles of the local hawkers. Remembering the good old days where my mum would leave my sisters and myself to eat at the hawker centre while she go shop for textiles at the second level. A big plate of piping hot dumplings from Fong Ji stall would last us awhile before we 'jumped' table to get some Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo. Both stalls are still around today with the new challenge to battle strong competition from a piece of China. The front row of the hawker has since been dominated by the Chinese and has become quite a rowdy and boisterous stretch. The smell of the food is also overpowering the entire place. Not a place I like to visit anymore.
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