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Shopping Malls L lizzzie July 16, 2012 336
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If you had been to the food centre recently, you may have noticed that there were more stalls selling China food. Do not be mistaken, China food is quite different from local Chinese food. Our local Chinese food was brought here by our forefathers generations ago and had gone through many years of localisation.

The new Chinese must have come from different provinces from our forefathers because the food that they are eating is different from what we are used to eating. I had walked past a few of the stalls and never found the food appetising at all. In fact, if I am very honest, the food looked disgusting to me. The new Chinese food seem to go for quantity over quality, You will see large quantity of something I was not sure of cooked together in a few big pots. When customers buy the food, the hawker would scoop big scoops from the pots and served it together with big plates of rice. The size of the serving already turned me off.

I really hoped our local hawkers can stand the competitions from these foreign imports. This hawker centre used to serve the best local Chinese food, I do not want to see this place being taken over by the new Chinese food.
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