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Shopping Malls F farshafarsha April 19, 2012 476
The Centre of Attention
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Overall Rating 
If you are heading to town and wondering where to park or start you day, I say Ngee Ann City. It is simply the best mall in Singapore. I would say that it is the most versatile place to be for a family because of everything they have to offer, most of all the departmental store, Takashimaya. There are plenty of places to fill your tummy whether a meal or a snack. You want Dim Sum? The have more about 4 different restaurants including Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure on levels 4 and 5. Take take a break from shopping and have tea. Head to Paul, TWG, Coffee Bean or more. Theres even a Food Village at Takashimaya and more restaurants featuring Japanese and Spanish cuisines. Personally, I would recommend Imperial Treasure Nan Bei on level 5. It is, in my opinion, by far, the best restaurant to have Dim Sum in Singapore. Other than that, shopping is awesome in Ngee Ann City. If I thought of 10 things I need or want to buy, I could go to Ngee Ann City to get 8 of them. I don't have to worry about the other 2 items because Ngee Ann City is so central, and the malls around it would definitely have them.
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