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Its being older does not make it irrelevant
(Updated: February 10, 2013)
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Firstly, this mall has been too shadowed by the departmental store it houses and many people refer to it as Takashimaya and not Ngee Ann City. I feel that this does not do the mall justice as the mall's other shops and environment is just as good as the departmental store or any other mall if not better. The Takishimaya departmental store it houses runs for many levels, and its size means that it has almost everything, from clothes, accessories, sports gear to crockery and utensils.

If having an all in one departmental store wasn't already good enough, the mall also has quite a huge cold storage for grocery shopping, Kinokuya which is one of the best book stores in Singapore, a big Best Denki that retails a large variety of appliances and electronics and not forgetting many other shops such as Zara and Body Shop.

This mall is also a gourmet's haven, with shops selling all types of food and cuisine ranging from western to Japanese, most of which sell food of great quality. The event hall that they have which hosts many shops during festive periods is also one of the best in Singapore, as there is always a wide range of choices available. While this mall is one of the best in Singapore to me, my only grouse is that the toilets need an overhaul as they are not amongst the best toilets I have seen.

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