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Shopping Malls F farshafarsha April 19, 2012 476
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Out of so many shopping centres in Orchard, I think Ngee Ann City is the one that caters to the most number of people given its range of stores. It has Kinokuniya for the readers, brand outlets for the shoppers and a food court at the basement for the eaters. For each category the range is wide in terms of taste and price so it appeals to a large crowd. Different kinds of people can go to Ngee Ann City and find something to rave about/over. For me, I really like going to their Kinokuniya because it's so huge. I also like the food street they have at the basement with lots of Japanese goods (which is pretty expected).

They also hold many large scale events at the basement where there's a huge space in the middle for a myriad of festive events or booths, take for example Chinese New Year. It's been awhile since I last went there; it used to be a yearly thing for my family, but busy times have kept us away. I hope I get to go down with my family members this year though!
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