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Shopping Malls F farshafarsha April 19, 2012 1454
You name it, They have it
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The best thing about Mustafa is that it is 24 hours. You can go there anytime of the way to find anything and they would have it. You might take some time to find the thing that you want though. Because the place is usually crowded, and the space to walk between the racks is quite narrow, and because they have such a wide selection of things, sometimes you just won;t know where to go. Also, it is rather difficult to communicate with the staff there.

I also think that the paying system is quite strange. Lets say you buy a watch, they'll give you a slip of paper. With that, you'll head to the counter and pay, then you'll have to go back and collect your watch. Quite troublesome I would say.

But nevertheless, Mustafa is like the genie in aladdin. Except that you have to pay for the items you ask for.
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