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Shopping Malls P poppy May 02, 2012 397
Not the usual crowded shopping centre
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Overall Rating 
This shopping centre is a good place for a retreat, as it is peaceful and quiet, allowing one to shop without the presence of large crowds. I like this place not only because of its environment but also because of the fact that the area is nice and cool as well as well lit by daylight during daytime, which gives me a feel of an outdoor walk while remaining cool in the air-conditioned open environment.

There is some entertainment venues in this place worth visiting, from a pool hall to a bowling alley and cinema, and as they are not as crowded as other entertainment venues of the same kind, but are just as good, they are one of my favourite hangouts with friends.

Do check out the speciality stores there which sell some unique items, one is the die-cast model shop on the second floor, which sells excellent detailed models of things like planes to anime characters. There is also a shop selling Taiwanese goods in the basement, including one of a kind products like cow's tongue cookies.

Getting there is easy, as it is near promenade MRT station.
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