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Shopping Malls A a-pril October 17, 2012 792
You're not gonna get lucky there for sure.
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Located the heart of Singapore's shopping scene, the glamorous and glitzy Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza sure sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sharing Orchard Road with the likes of ION Orchard and Paragon, Lucky Plaza, with its uninspiring-at-best exterior looks like a filthy, desolate, run-down little cottage in comparison.

Its interior is equally inadequate. Venturing inside, you would find a-dime-a-dozen Singapore souvenirs touted as being unique at marked up prices, catering to unsuspecting and gullible tourists. The apparel there is unfashionable and the shoe stores there sell cheap, plasticky shoes that would definitely be agonizing for your feet when put on.

For the prices there, you can get something ten times more fashionable elsewhere. Not worth a visit.
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