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Where the maids roam and toilets reek, so I heard...
(Updated: November 30, 2012)
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In the past, I always wanted to go to Lucky Plaza because I've had friends who said that there were nice clothes there. However, as time passed, that want eventually died down due to negative reactions whenever I asked about the place, some saying that it is a maid's shopping territory, and others saying that it has one of the dirtiest toilets within the Orchard region.

I don't mean to judge or anything, but just by hearing all these, I'd rather not stop by the place anymore, or at least not in a really really long time. Orchard is a big place, so there are many other places to shop at. If you want clothes that don't necessarily have to kill your wallet, try Bugis Street, you're better off there, I guess. Tourists could stop by Lucky Plaza for the experience, while others might probably go there for service shops or the food even. Just know that if you are in desperate need for the toilet, avoid Lucky Plaza's at all cost (even Bugis Street's toilets have more standard)!

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